Kelly Caselman is an ordained minister, former small business owner, and United States military veteran. His desire is for people to understand the gifts of the spirit and how to apply it to everyday life. Seeing into the supernatural is a much-misunderstood gift and for those that have it, can be scary and isolating. He wants people to know that they are not alone and ultimately learn their authority in Christ. Kelly makes his home in the high desert of eastern New Mexico with his wife, three children, and grandchildren.

In 2000, pastor Stormy and Shelly sensed that it was time for them to plant their own church and had friends from Lubbock, TX say they were having trouble finding a church that would be a good fit for them and asked for them to prayerfully consider planting a new church in Lubbock. God miraculously opened doors, and the Swann’s started a Bible study in a small duplex in Lubbock on July 2, 2000.


In May of 2005, they were told about a building for sale in the center of Lubbock. They were also approached by a local banker who offered to finance the purchase for them. They sought the Lord for direction and felt His peace leading them to this place at this time! They put a bid in on the property and were chosen to purchase it. After many years of waiting for a building to call home, God had faithfully brought them to it!

Through the years that followed, the church updated the building to fit our growing needs. They have torn down walls, built stages, added sound and lighting systems, and updated the paint and carpet on almost every square inch of the building. Through it all, Pastor Stormy Swann has seen the mighty hand of God preparing the way for what He has called us to do! That is to honor God, empower people, and pursue the great commission.